MJ vs. SuBo

Next week sales might come down to three of the biggest sellers in the music bussiness. Michael Jackson’s first posthumous album, Michael, is projected to sell from 225K-275K. Taylor Swift, who earlier in the year sold one-million copies in one week with her album Speak Now is also expected to sell within that range. BUT it may come down to the other big-seller of 2010 Susan Boyle. The British superstars sophmore album, The Gift, the current ruler of the Billboard 200, is also projected to be in that range.

It is a dissapointing week for Sony execs, as Michael, was originally slated to sell 400,000 copies. The album was aided by Akon collabo Hold My Hand, and the underperforming preview single Breaking News. The album made headlines because many members of the Jackson Family believe that it is not Michael singing on the album, but trained musicologists have confirmed it is Jackson singing on the tracks. The album has shipped around 900,000 units.

Also being released this week is Crystal Bowersox critically acclaimed album, Farmer’s Daughter, which is projected to sell 50k-60k. This would make her sell more than the season’s winner Lee DeWyze. This would be the second straight year that the American Idol Runner-Up has sold more than the winner.

Ciara’s Basic Instinct is projected to sell 30k-40k. If the projections are correct she will have her lowest sales ever.


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