Nicki Minaj – 10 Game Changing Artists of 2010


The biggest female MC in the game, Nicki Minaj, began the year as nothing but a footnote. She was the featuring artist that made the year’s best songs great. Although the diva’s unique personality may have been overshadowed by her outrageous outfits (See: Image Above), that all changed after an appearance on Kanye West’s Monster, a song where she out-rapped major rappers including Rick Ro$$ and Jay-Z. After various delay’s and an underperforming first single, Minaj’s album got pushed back to the fourth quarter of 2010, but that did not hinder Minaj’s fan-base (to whom she refers “the Barbiez”). The album sold 375,000 copies in the first week and debuted at #2.

The year did come as a struggle to Minaj, being the only female in her genre. She was heavily criticized by Lil Kim, but instead of Kim fighting back on radio shows, Minaj fought back in her Eminem collabo Roman’s Revenge in which she calls Kim a has-been.

Minaj has ranked supreme in 2010, and shows no signs of slowing down. Plans for a tour have yet to be announced.

Nicki Minaj, 2010 would not have been the same without you.



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