Also Under Consideration – 10 Game Changing Artists of 2010

We only have three more picks for our 10 Game Changing Artists of 2010 List, but there were many runners-up on our list. Here are the other five names who changed the game of music in 2010, maybe not as effectively as the ten we chose, but have definitely made their mark. In no particular order

1. Taylor Swift

Album of the year winner and sold 1 million copies of her album Speak Now, isn’t that enough. There are surely great things to come out of this country cutie who plans to tour the world on her Speak Now Tour in 2011.

2. “Glee” Cast

These kids changed the way music, especially rock hits are listened to. Their unique sound has taught the new generation of children about the great rockers of the past.

3. Fantasia

She is one of R&Bs last resorts and this diva rocked 2010. She released her most critically and commercially acclaimed album yet, proving she had one of the best voices in the industry, and who does not watch her Vh1 Reality Show. So what if she caused some controversy…all pop stars do it, right?

4. Justin Beiber

He may not be the most talented star on the planet, but he changed the world of teen pop to the same magnitude as  *NYSNC or NKOTB.

5. Lady Antebellum

They truly were this years crossover act, and made the years most country song pop. Not to mention they had the biggest album of the year.


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