Lady Gaga – 10 Game Changing Artists of 2010

Lady Gaga’s 2010 boiled down to two words:

Meat Dress.

Let’s face it the self-proclaimed pop diva did not have nearly an explosive year as she did in 2009, but those MTV VMAs may have made the pop star’s year. In fact, everything that made Lady Gaga a big deal in 2010 boiled down to the VMAs….

  1. Her repitore…Gaga’s music videos were absolutely shocking in 2010. From the 9-minute mini movie “Telephone” co-staring Beyonce, to the scary and provacotavie “Alejandro” it was Gaga’s videos that seperated her from every other pop star.
  2. Her clothes…Gaga had two notable outfits at the VMAs first the meat dress… enough said. There was also her red carpet dress where she was aided by soliders who had to resign for the army due to their sexual preference. Gaga tried her best, and succeeded, in 2010 to reapeal don’t ask don’t tell.
  3. Her statements…The best part of the VMAs the 19 words Gaga sang from her new album “Born This Way.” The highly anticipated album is due in Feburary.
  4. Her performances…Gaga had a wide variety of sexually charged and musically fantastic performances. From her “Alejandro” on American Idol to her “Speechless” at the Grammys to her world-wide never ending Monster Ball Tour, Gaga never stopped performing

So perhaps the Gaga’s year boiled down to three words: VIDEO MUSIC AWARDS

Lady Gaga, 2010 would not have been the same without you.


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