The numbers are in! Taylor ranks supreme!

Taylor Swift will be the queen of the Billboard charts yet again this week, but she will only be selling one-quarter of his debut sales, Speak Now sold 254,000 copies this week. Susan Boyle will recieve the silver medal as her sophmore album The Gift sold just over 251,000 copies. Overall it was a good week for the top 10, all albums except for Glee’s Christmas Album saw week-over-week increases.

Michael Jackson’s Michael is the third top-selling album of the week with 224,000 a true dissapointment for the King of Pop. Michael’s previous release This Is It, sold more than 300,000 copies its first week on shelves, but that album featured no new material, unlike Michael.

The next highest selling debut of the week is R. Kelly’s Love Letter which sold 150k at number 6, Diddy Dirty Money sold 87k debuting at number 10.

Much later on the chart Crystal Bowersox debuted at number 31 with 53k copies. She sold more copies than her season’s winner Lee DeWyze, but debuted at a lower position on the Billboard 200.

Ciara’s Basic Instnict sold 38k copies.

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