Danny Gokey Says He Will “Take His Time” On Next Record

In a recent interview with CMT Danny Gokey announced he will take his on his new album. The American Idol alum believes that his previous album, My Best Days, was too rushed. He says:

Well, with music, we really had to rush the first album, and it turned out so good. It really did. But on this next album, we get to take our time. I wasn’t allowed to write on the last album because we had to fit into a time frame, which I totally understand. But now that we don’t have to rush it, there’s no extra headache or excess anything. We can really be patient with it and put all our heart and soul into it. We can really form it and evolve it into what I sound like as a growing artist. With each album, you want to get better and better and better. So I do expect this album to be even greater.

Don’t  Idol’s sophmore albums usually sell better the less time there are between albums. I cannot say I am excited fo this. Was his first record that great to begin with? And why is Danny doing country anyway, why doesn’t he go back to the Mariah Carey ballads he did on Idol.

What Do You Think??? Is this a good idea for Danny?


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2 responses to “Danny Gokey Says He Will “Take His Time” On Next Record

  • Cheryl

    His first album was my favorite one this year. I can’t wait for his second one. He’s doing country because he is country to me and so many others.

  • Randy

    Gokey will only have about 11/2 years between albums; that is actually pretty quick. Of course he’ll have more time than first album-all those kids are on tour all summer and don’t have a lot of time.
    Danny is country because he can sing just about anything and he loves country music.
    I have his first album and it is a really good disc. Great voice and good songs by Nashville writers.
    Anxious to hear album #2.

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