What’s Next For The Sing Off Winners?

Your favorite show of right now, but the show that you’ll forget in two weeks The Sing Off had its season finale last night, to be honest I tunes out after Cherry Hill West’s “Men of Note” got the boot, but you have to wonder where these winners will be in their future. I believe that a cappella groups are greatly underappreaciated and The Sing Off is a great platform for these up and coming artists.

BUT the show has some serious flaws, one thing is that it only lasts 2 weeks not allowing the singers to make an effective impact on the audience. After a quick Wikipedia search I learned that last years victors Nota spent the past year recording an under performing album and opening for Shakira.

What lies in stores for this season’s winners Committed well the group told Billboard.com that they plan to record an inspirational album. Smart choice, any a cappella group would have a difficult time going mainstream (Example: Nota).

The group said their favorite performance was the Michael Jackson/Akon song Hold My Hand, group member Theron Thomas thought it was the most inspirational.

So What Do You Think Will Happen To COMMITTED?


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