Keyisha Cole “I would love to go on tour with Nicki”

With the release of her new album Calling All Hearts this week, Keyisha Cole is thinking ahead to her tour. Keyisha told MTV that she would love to have a March tour, with tickets and promotion starting in January. She said she is in talks with Monica to go tour, and would like to invite Melanie Fiona, Faith Evans, and Tank if that tour goes through.

Cole says there is one other option. She told MTV that if the Monica tour falls through she would love to go on tour with her I Ain’t Thru collaborator Nicki Minaj. Cole says she is actually good friends with Minaj. She says:

“We’re cool, we’re buddies. I see things on TV and I just call her to say congratulations, and stuff like that. I’ll send her an email. I think she’s great. I got love for Nicki. To be honest, she’s a young girl that comes up the same kind of way I came up. We can relate in so many different ways, I’m very proud of her.”

We would love to see them on tour together! Epic!

As for the future Cole says her next record will have more of a pop feel and is eyeing collaborators such as Beyonce, Lady Gaga, and Fergie.

We don’t know about that, stick with what you know Keyisha!

What do you think? Will you see Keyisha on tour?


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