Even Ne-Yo Admits “Libra Scale” was a flop.


Ne-Yo has had a pretty flawless career, including an Album of the Year nomination for his previous album 2008s Year of the Gentlemen. But this time around Ne-Yo created Libra Scale his lowest selling and poorest received album to date.
In an interview with BBC even Ne-Yo admits that his album was a flop. He says:

I wasn’t paying attention to elements in my album that I normally would. My fans deserve better.

It really is a shame he is so talented!
But Ne-Yo says even though he took a two-year break between Gentleman and Scale this time there will be a very short break between albums.
That’s good. We need some new Ne-Yo after this mess.
What do you think? Are you a fan of Ne-Yo’s new album?


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