Elliott Yamin to Release Japanese Only Album


American Idol’s season 5 second runner-up Elliot Yamin is preparing the release of his new album “Gather Round” which is set to be released exclusively in Japan January 22.
Yamin will fly out to the island-nation early next month to promote the album for which he has already shot a music video.
Yamin has stated he plans to release the album in the United States, but it will be released with a different track listing than the Japanese version.
What do you think? Are you excited for “Gather Round”

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10 responses to “Elliott Yamin to Release Japanese Only Album

  • Jim

    Not really… Not a fan. I’m a bigger fan of your site! Lololol

  • nanassetta

    I’m excited for Elliott. Disappointed that those in the U.S. have to wait. Based on the album cover, this album will have the music I’ve been waiting for! Good luck Elliott.

  • carol

    I can’t wait for the U.S. release, even tho I pre-ordered the Japanese release

  • Glenda

    I’m very excited to hear new music from Elliott Yamin. I’m a big fan and I pre-ordered his cd from Japan, but I will also buy the U.S. version. The man is awesome and really deserves to be heard more. I hope he has huge sales of this CD. I’m also hoping for a tour soon. Hearing him live is heaven. No CD can capture that magic! America has to quit sleepin’ on this man. Also can’t wait to see the video.

  • Irene Caroll

    Oh, you bet, I am very excited! Great cd cover and I can’t wait to get my hands on new music from Elliott, which is one of the best male vocalist out there 🙂


    HI Yall, I’m a close & great friend of Elliott Yamin & yes I’m very excited to hear new music from our one & only Funky White Boy Elliott! I hear his new music video is titled Three Words! I can’t wait to see the Music Video!!!! This should and will be a #1 album! I’m also excited for Elliott to get back to Japan and start promotin his album and do his concert tour too!!!! 2011 will be a BIG HUGE year for Elliott Yamin!!!!

  • Sheila

    I can hardly wait to hear some new music from Elliott Yamin!! Like other hard-core fans I’m gonna have to go get the Japanese release cuz it’s been way too long for some new music. Elliott truly needs to get some serious air-play in the US. Sick & tired of all the pre-fabricated, auto-tuned stuff on Top 40. With luck this new release will get some play (unlike the Fight For Love CD which was great to me).

  • Jim

    Wow just listened to his whole first album out of curiosity. Amazing! Now I’m a fan! Congrats Elliot.

    • Sheila

      Jim, Thanks for listening to the first CD and coming back to post your thoughts. That was kind of you. Its too bad if this is only a Japanese release. I pre-ordered this CD (Japanese release) just because I wanted to hear it sooner.

  • Miley

    Why is it not being sold here? Jim you should listen to his second CD Fight For Love. It has some awesome tunes on it.

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