Kim Kardashian Premeries New Single

If Heidi Montag can’t do it, neither can you Kim.

Our favorite socialite, Kim Kardashian, recently released that she would venture in singing. Very few details were released about her debut single, except that she would be working with Kanye West and The-Dream.

Well, KK released her first single at a New Year’s Eve Party in Las Vegas, and…. it sucks. The song may work in clubs, but it is really bad. Her voice is incredibly auto-tuned and it she just repeats the words “turn it up” the entire time. The song has not been officially released so I guess we’ll give her the benefit of the doubt.

CLICK to hear the first single from Kim and more stills from the videoUnfortunately, the video  could not load on our site. Sorry, but you can click here to hear the atrocity that is Kim Kardashian singing:

Here are some stills:


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