5 Performances You Do Not Want To Miss!

The Grammy’s have been famous for creating a stage in which they know music lovers will be watching. Because of this artists will take advantage by creating the most outrageous and memorable performances they can. After looking at the finalized list of performances we compiled our list of the 5 performances you do want to see, and the 5 you don’t.

1. Lady Gaga

It has been announced that Lady Gaga will perform her soon to be #1 hit Born This Way at the Grammy Awards this Sunday. It is assured to be an exciting performance exceeding her Elton John cameoed performance last year. We could not be more excited.

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2. Aretha Franklin Tribute

This tribute to the original diva features some of the most talented performers in music. Jennifer Hudson might outdo the R&B icon performing her hit Respect while country-star Martina McBride is also scheduled to make an appearance. Christina Aguilerra dubbed to make her return with this performance following a flop at the Super Bowl; XTina has one of the greatest voices ever so it is sure to be an incredible performance, as long as there is a teleprompter. The performance is on-par to be just as good, if not better than last year’s Michael Jackson tribute, I mean Florence + The Machine are in it also.

3. Rihanna and Drake

Two of the most iconic performers of our generation are set to perform their #1 single What’s My Name from Rihanna’s hit album Loud. Between the two young performers there are nine-nominations including “Record of the Year” and “Album of th Year” for Rihanna, and “Best New Artist” for Drake. The performance might be in jeopardy, as Rihanna has been suffering form bronchitis for  the past week, but it is sure to be a fun performance.

4. Eminem, Dr. Dre, and Adam Levine

Dr. Dre will make his first televised performance in nearly a decade is assured to be fantastic especially when Dre is aided by his protege ten-time nominee Eminem.

5. Cee Lo-Green and Gwyneth Paltrow

We are still unsure as to whether Cee-Lo Green and Glee star Gweneth Paltrow will perform Forget You, or well, you know, but regardless it will be epic!

5 Performances You Can Miss

1. Usher, Justin Beiber

2. B.o.B.

3. Espiranda Spalding

4. Lady Antebellum

5. Mick Jagger


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