Grammy Predictions – Pop Categories

This year more than ever the Grammy’s went pop. Which makes this genré the most important of them all and will prove as the descision point for the Big Four categories. See what we pick, and comment below, who do you think will take home the pop trophies?

Best Female Pop Vocal Performance

▪ “King of Anything” – Sara Bareilles
▪ “Halo” (Live) – Beyoncé
▪ “Chasing Pirates” – Norah Jones
▪ “Bad Romance” – Lady Gaga
▪ “Teenage Dream” – Katy Perry


Of the pop categories, this one had the weakest selection of all. Beyoncé’s Halo should not be eligible as it won this category last year, and Chasing Pirates is an obscure song both lyrically and melodically and failed to crack any pop chart this year. And isn’t that what Pop music stands for? Popular. On the contrary the other three nominees are all perfect picks for this year; King is a simple traditional pop song, Romance is a high production smash hit, and Teenage Dream is a fun, summer, song (and this is one of the few categories where that is acceptable).



Teenage Dream by Katy Perry has great production and a killer dance beat, perfect for a pop song.


Bad Romance was the biggest snub in both Record and Single of the Year the academy will likely award Gaga for her groundbreaking, heavy synth tune.

Best Male Pop Vocal Performance

▪ “Haven’t Met You Yet” – Michael Bublé
▪ “This Is It” – Michael Jackson
▪ “Whataya Want from Me” – Adam Lambert
▪ “Just the Way You Are” – Bruno Mars
▪ “Half of My Heart” – John Mayer



This category had the best selection when it came to pop; all of the nominations are relevant, well-known and lyrically superb. Going down the list, Michael Bublé had a sweet, smooth, and cute song that gave him his first pop hit. Bublé (or the Jonas Brothers of grandmothers) is an easy pick for this category for his sweet song that appeals to the academy. Adam Lambert is the dark horse in this race, his top-10 hit was one of the best of 2010, but he is competing against some of the best performances in the industry. Frequently nominated John Mayer will probably not walk away with the gramophone for his dull and repetitive Half of My Heart. Michael Jackson might pull away with the trophy, not because This is It is that good, but because he is Michael Jackson and he is the greatest Male Pop Star ever. Seven-Time nominated Bruno Mars stands a fair chance as well, but Just serves better in songwriting categories than anywhere else.


Just Haven’t Met You Yet by Michael Bublé


MJ will probably walk away with the award for the lead single of his triple-platinum album, but Mars and Bublé are possible contenders.

Best Pop Performance By A Duo Or Group With Vocals

▪ “Don’t Stop Believin'” (Regionals Version) – Glee Cast
▪ “Misery” – Maroon 5
▪ “The Only Exception” – Paramore
▪ “Babyfather” – Sade
▪ “Hey, Soul Sister” (Live) – Train


Although the cast of Glee certainly changed music this year calling their performance of Don’t Stop Believin’ one of the best of 2010 is going to far (especially because they came in third at regionals). Paramore’s The Only Exception is a repetitive mess that sounds like Vampire Weekend threw up on Taylor Swift, and Maroon 5’s Misery could win, but ever since their flob album Hands All Over they shouldn’t except love from the music industry. This category’s strength comes from two of the biggest Grammy snubs: Sade and Train. Train’s Hey Soul Sister could win Record of the Year on Sunday, but it isn’t nominated, and Sade scored one of the best-selling albums of 2010, but failed to receive nominations for their superb work.


Train’s Hey Soul Sister


We’re going to go with Soul Sister, but Babyfather could win.

Best Pop Collaboration With Vocals

▪ “Airplanes, Part II” – B.o.B, Eminem, & Hayley Williams
▪ “Imagine” – Herbie Hancock, Pink, India.Arie, Seal, Konono Nº1, Jeff Beck, & Oumou Sangaré
▪ “If It Wasn’t for Bad” – Elton John & Leon Russell
▪ “Telephone” – Lady Gaga & Beyoncé
▪ “California Gurls” – Katy Perry & Snoop Dogg


Pop music is defined by collaborations, so it is not surprising that Best Pop Collaboration has become one of the most competitive of the evening. Both Airplanes and California Gurls belong in the Best Rap/Sung Collaboration category, so we don’t expect a win from either of those. Lady Gaga and Beyoncé might have a shot, saying that they are the only contemporary pop act remaining in the category, but both If It Wasn’t for Bad and Imagine are some of 2010’s best Pop songs.


Telephone by Lady Gaga and Beyoncé


The Grammy’s tend to ignore mainstream pop for this category so we are guessing either Imagine or If It Wasn’t for Bad.

Best Pop Vocal Album

My World 2.0 – Justin Bieber
I Dreamed a Dream – Susan Boyle
The Fame Monster – Lady Gaga
Battle Studies – John Mayer
Teenage Dream – Katy Perry


With the backlash Teenage Dream has received for its Album of the Year nomination we doubt any voter picked it in any category. Both Battle Studies and My World 2.0 had a couple pretty good songs, but neither has the depth to be called the Best Pop Album. Susan Boyle’s Dream was one of 2010’s Best-Selling Albums, but lacked original material. Lady Gaga’s 8 track EP proves to be the only plausible selection in this category, its dance beats and ballads enthrall the listener into a 30 minute pop voyage.


Lady Gaga’s The Fame Monster


Lady Gaga’s The Fame Monster

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