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Crystal Bowersox Eclipses Lee DeWyze, Passes 100k

According to this week’s sales figures American Idol runner-up Crystal Bowersox has eclipsed winner Lee DeWyze in album sales this week. Crystal released her debut Farmer’s Daughter on Dec. 14, while DeWyze released Live it Up on Nov. 16. Ouch!

Crystal outsold Lee in their intial frame on the chart selling 58k and 19k respectively. Lee’s on the other hand debuted at a higher position, #19; Crystal debuted at #28.

This week Crystal’s cumlitave sales reach 104k surpassing Lee’s total of 102k. Do not get too excited though. Last year’s runner-up Adam Lambert sold 198k in his first week on the charts. It looks as though Idol will really need to produce a superstar this year in order to stay relevant.

What do you think? Did you buy Crystal’s album or Lee’s?


American Idol Covers Entertainment Weekly

It is American Idol’s game to lose this week as a revamped tenth season premeires this Wednesday (Jan. 12).

After an underperforming ninth season which produced Lee DeWyze and Crystal Bowersox (who?) the question is whether viewers will turn on to see the changes, or tune out after the atrocity of last year.

In the interview Randy Jackson adresses what life will be like without Simon Cowell this season. He says:

People have been saying to us, ‘Who’s mean?’ We’ve all traded off on that because I think you have to always give people the truth, no matter what.

Well that’s good. We want judges that are fair, but firm.

What do you think? Are you tuning in for Idol?

Why Stars Flopped in 2010 Part 1/4


Although 2010 was filled with many great successes including Katy Perry, Ke$ha, Nicki Minaj, and Drake the year was also filled with some major flops. I mean, Did anyone now Christina Aguilera released an album in 2010? So at a point in the industry when you are only as popular as your latest hit the only underlying question is why? Looking back T.I., the Black Eyed Peas, Ciara, and Ne-Yo were some of the biggest stars in the industry, but 2010 failed for all of them, so we at thatLOUD are seeing why stars flop.

Part 1/4: Lack of a Hit Single
The Black Eyed Peas started 2010 as the industry’s biggest band. After releasing their increibly successful The E.N.D. in 2009, an album that spawned 5 Top 10 hits the band released their follow-up this November entitled The Beginning (lol, right). Unfortunately, although the albums fared similarly in titles they did not in critical and commercial performance. When E.N.D. spent two weeks at #1 Beginning peaked at #6.
The week E.N.D. was released the Band’s song Boom Boom Pow reached #1 on the Billboard Hot 100, not long after that I Gotta Feeling would reach the chart’s pinnacle and in March 2010 the Pea’s song Imma Bee topped the chart.
Beginning on the other hand only produced The Time which reached #4 on the Billboard Hot 100, but the song is terrible. It represents their album very poorly, and many have called it the worst on the album.
This case is not unique to the Peas. Lee DeWyze, Christina Aguilera, and Ciara also failed to produce a hit single that attracted consumers to purchase their album. It is vital that an album consistently produces quality singles for the album to sell.

Next Up: Part 2/4: Likeabilty

American Idol Airs “Welcome Home” Special

American Idol recently aired its “Welcome Home” special on select Fox networks. It is very interesting, especially rolling into a new season pretty soon.

Check it out!


The numbers are in! Taylor ranks supreme!

Taylor Swift will be the queen of the Billboard charts yet again this week, but she will only be selling one-quarter of his debut sales, Speak Now sold 254,000 copies this week. Susan Boyle will recieve the silver medal as her sophmore album The Gift sold just over 251,000 copies. Overall it was a good week for the top 10, all albums except for Glee’s Christmas Album saw week-over-week increases.

Michael Jackson’s Michael is the third top-selling album of the week with 224,000 a true dissapointment for the King of Pop. Michael’s previous release This Is It, sold more than 300,000 copies its first week on shelves, but that album featured no new material, unlike Michael.

The next highest selling debut of the week is R. Kelly’s Love Letter which sold 150k at number 6, Diddy Dirty Money sold 87k debuting at number 10.

Much later on the chart Crystal Bowersox debuted at number 31 with 53k copies. She sold more copies than her season’s winner Lee DeWyze, but debuted at a lower position on the Billboard 200.

Ciara’s Basic Instnict sold 38k copies.

4 Flops of 2010

We are looking at the four things this year that went from famous to faux pas in the music industry.

Let’s reminisce…

4. Lil Wayne

Possibly the greatest rapper of all time had a terrible 2010 starting with his album “Rebirth.” The album which was simply someone playing guitar and Lil Wayne auto-tuning all over it. The album also tanked in sales, where 2008’s Tha Carter III sold 1 million copies in one week Rebirth fared much worse, debuting at number 2. The news became worse with Weezy F. Baby when he was sent to jail for drug use and it was there that he returned to work. He released his next studio album I Am Not A Human Being, which was not as critically poor as Rebirth, but it fared poorly commercially.

The future does look bright for Lil Wayne after a Saturday Night Live performance of the first single of Tha Carter IV6 Foot, 7 Foot.

3. American Idol

With the exception of the Katy Perry guest judge episode American Idol was boring this year. The contestants were boring (LEE!), the judges were boring (ELLEN!), the mentors were boring (HARRY CONNICK JR.!), everything was so monotonous that it had seemed even Simon had tuned out for his final season. The season’s only bright spot, Crystal Bowersox, has been under promoted by Jive and her debut is set to tank. Hopefully this seasons dramatic changes will inspire a livelier year.

2. Miley Cyrus

Being completely serious, Can’t Be Tamed, is Miley’s most Grammy worthy album ever. Yes, there is no song on the record comparable to either Party in the USA or The Climb, but as a whole the record tells a story. The record is killed by Miley adding her sexed up image into the mix. The album was neither critically or commercially acclaimed and made many mock Cyrus for her behavior.

Cyrus became even more of a “rebel” in 2010 when videos were leaked online of her smoking salvia, a legal substance. In 2010 Miley moved on from role model to scumbag.

1. Christina Aguilera

The story of yet another artist ruining her talent on her sexed up image. Christina Aguilera is one of the most talented women in music, but her highly anticipated comeback album Bionic was a flop because it was filled with more provocative auto-tuned tracks than lovely ballads. The album was Christina’s lowest selling ever, and drew many comparisons to Lady Gaga.

After releasing Burlesque, a movie accused of bribing the Golden Globes for nominations, Christina will have to rehab her image and return to using her real instrument, her voice.

MJ vs. SuBo

Next week sales might come down to three of the biggest sellers in the music bussiness. Michael Jackson’s first posthumous album, Michael, is projected to sell from 225K-275K. Taylor Swift, who earlier in the year sold one-million copies in one week with her album Speak Now is also expected to sell within that range. BUT it may come down to the other big-seller of 2010 Susan Boyle. The British superstars sophmore album, The Gift, the current ruler of the Billboard 200, is also projected to be in that range.

It is a dissapointing week for Sony execs, as Michael, was originally slated to sell 400,000 copies. The album was aided by Akon collabo Hold My Hand, and the underperforming preview single Breaking News. The album made headlines because many members of the Jackson Family believe that it is not Michael singing on the album, but trained musicologists have confirmed it is Jackson singing on the tracks. The album has shipped around 900,000 units.

Also being released this week is Crystal Bowersox critically acclaimed album, Farmer’s Daughter, which is projected to sell 50k-60k. This would make her sell more than the season’s winner Lee DeWyze. This would be the second straight year that the American Idol Runner-Up has sold more than the winner.

Ciara’s Basic Instinct is projected to sell 30k-40k. If the projections are correct she will have her lowest sales ever.