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Photo – Adam Lambert At Pre-Grammy Gala

Grammy-Nominee Adam Lambert was spotted last night at Clive Davis’s Pre-Grammy Gala.
He is nominated tonigh for Best Male Pop Performance against Michael Jackson and 7-time nominee Bruno Mars.
Lambert is prepping the release of Glam Nation Live! due March 22.

What do you think? Will You Pick Up Adam’s Album?


Grammy Predictions – Pop Categories

This year more than ever the Grammy’s went pop. Which makes this genré the most important of them all and will prove as the descision point for the Big Four categories. See what we pick, and comment below, who do you think will take home the pop trophies?

Best Female Pop Vocal Performance

▪ “King of Anything” – Sara Bareilles
▪ “Halo” (Live) – Beyoncé
▪ “Chasing Pirates” – Norah Jones
▪ “Bad Romance” – Lady Gaga
▪ “Teenage Dream” – Katy Perry


Of the pop categories, this one had the weakest selection of all. Beyoncé’s Halo should not be eligible as it won this category last year, and Chasing Pirates is an obscure song both lyrically and melodically and failed to crack any pop chart this year. And isn’t that what Pop music stands for? Popular. On the contrary the other three nominees are all perfect picks for this year; King is a simple traditional pop song, Romance is a high production smash hit, and Teenage Dream is a fun, summer, song (and this is one of the few categories where that is acceptable).



Teenage Dream by Katy Perry has great production and a killer dance beat, perfect for a pop song.


Bad Romance was the biggest snub in both Record and Single of the Year the academy will likely award Gaga for her groundbreaking, heavy synth tune.

Best Male Pop Vocal Performance

▪ “Haven’t Met You Yet” – Michael Bublé
▪ “This Is It” – Michael Jackson
▪ “Whataya Want from Me” – Adam Lambert
▪ “Just the Way You Are” – Bruno Mars
▪ “Half of My Heart” – John Mayer


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What’s Next For The Sing Off Winners?

Your favorite show of right now, but the show that you’ll forget in two weeks The Sing Off had its season finale last night, to be honest I tunes out after Cherry Hill West’s “Men of Note” got the boot, but you have to wonder where these winners will be in their future. I believe that a cappella groups are greatly underappreaciated and The Sing Off is a great platform for these up and coming artists.

BUT the show has some serious flaws, one thing is that it only lasts 2 weeks not allowing the singers to make an effective impact on the audience. After a quick Wikipedia search I learned that last years victors Nota spent the past year recording an under performing album and opening for Shakira.

What lies in stores for this season’s winners Committed well the group told that they plan to record an inspirational album. Smart choice, any a cappella group would have a difficult time going mainstream (Example: Nota).

The group said their favorite performance was the Michael Jackson/Akon song Hold My Hand, group member Theron Thomas thought it was the most inspirational.

So What Do You Think Will Happen To COMMITTED?

MJ vs. SuBo

Next week sales might come down to three of the biggest sellers in the music bussiness. Michael Jackson’s first posthumous album, Michael, is projected to sell from 225K-275K. Taylor Swift, who earlier in the year sold one-million copies in one week with her album Speak Now is also expected to sell within that range. BUT it may come down to the other big-seller of 2010 Susan Boyle. The British superstars sophmore album, The Gift, the current ruler of the Billboard 200, is also projected to be in that range.

It is a dissapointing week for Sony execs, as Michael, was originally slated to sell 400,000 copies. The album was aided by Akon collabo Hold My Hand, and the underperforming preview single Breaking News. The album made headlines because many members of the Jackson Family believe that it is not Michael singing on the album, but trained musicologists have confirmed it is Jackson singing on the tracks. The album has shipped around 900,000 units.

Also being released this week is Crystal Bowersox critically acclaimed album, Farmer’s Daughter, which is projected to sell 50k-60k. This would make her sell more than the season’s winner Lee DeWyze. This would be the second straight year that the American Idol Runner-Up has sold more than the winner.

Ciara’s Basic Instinct is projected to sell 30k-40k. If the projections are correct she will have her lowest sales ever.