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Jordin Sparks Says Her Peers Are Inspirational

American Idol Winner Jordin Sparks was invited to Clive Davis’s Grammy Gala on Saturday.

Sparks says that she is incredibly thankful that her record No Air was nominated, and it was a dream come true to have on of her first songs nominated.

She says that her peers are inspiration; she goes on to say that even people like Miley Cyrus and Justin Beiber are incredible talents. Sparks went on to say that Cyrus is awesome.

Sparks says she will be working on her third studio album on Valentine’s Day. The album is yet to be titled and does not have a release date.


Miley Cyrus Struts the Red Carpet

Miley Cyrus just walked past the E! booth at Clive Davis’s pre-Grammy Gala.

She will be Hosting SNL on March 5th!

Miranda Cosgrove – “Dancing Crazy”

We LOVE Miranda Cosgrove! She acts her age, is hillarious, and makes fun music. After releasing the pop princess’ smash debut Sparks Fly last Spring Cosgrove is prepping the release of her second album. She premiered her first single Dancing Crazy and it is amazing! Its fun and we cannot wait for her record. The song is very Miley (circa 7 Things) a little Ke$ha for the auto-tuned chorus and she sounds exactly like Taylor Swift at the bridge, and we love it!

Can’t wait for the new album!

Rating: **** (out of 5 stars)

What do you think do you like Dancing Crazy?

Miley Cyrus “Who Owns My Heart” (Static Revenger Controversy Mix)

Well, this is not the kind of video you have after a drug scandal.
That being said, it is incredibly artsy and innovative. And the song is incredible!
We Like!
Check out Miley’s incredibly trippy version of Who Owns My Heart above.

Musicans Absent from Just Jared’s Most Popular Celebs


Gossip Blog released its most populars celebrities list based off of search terms and article views and the one profession notably absent from the list were musicans.
Only 3 musicans ranked in the top 25 list and 1 musican was in the top 10.
Taylor Swift was at #23, MileyBird Cyrus was at #12 and Rihanna ranked at #9.
Where’s Katy Perry? Lady Gaga? Kanye West?
Angelina Jolie ranked at #1
Who do you think was the biggest celebrity of 2010?

Miley Cyrus shares plans for 2011

Don’t worry Miles, We forgive you.
In the video above America’s sweetheart, Miley Cyrus wishes fans a Merry Christmas as well as shares her plans for 2011.
Cyrus, who is seen coloring above with sister Noah, shares that she plans to see the world in 2011 which includes touring for her latest endeavor Can’t Be Tamed.
Miley makes no mention of her recent drug troubles.
Good Luck in 2011 Miles, You’re going to need it.
What do you think? Do you forgive Miley?

Miley “made one mistake” says Kelly Osbourne

Miley Cyrus’s recent drug controversy cut into her movie schedule, but her cast mates do not treat the 18-year-old pop star any different. Kelly Osbourne, Miley’s co-star in her new movie So Undercover claims what Miley did was not that bad. She says:

Miley and I have become really close. I’m sick of all the haters judging her. She made one mistake and trust me, she has learned her lesson!

Osbourne also says that she has commended Cyrus for her behavior on set calling Miley “the most hard working and respectful woman [she] has ever worked with.”

Osbourne says she is a bad influence on Miley. According to her Miley is super fit and is on a great workout schedule and Osbourne has been taking them out for cupcakes.

Invite us next time you go, k?

What do you think? Is Miley all better?