March 2011 – The Biggest Music Month Ever

Next month anticipate dozens of releases from all of your favorite artists. Many labels have stragetgically planned their album’s releases on the same days as others to encourage sales. Don’t be surprised if you stop by your local record store more than once next month. In order to make things easier we have your calendar for the biggest releases next moth.

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Whitney Houston Struts Down The Red Carpet

R&B Legend Whitney Houston walked down the gold carpet at Grammy Gala. We are not really sure what she said, so we won’t report on it.

Lol, love you Whit.

Jordin Sparks Says Her Peers Are Inspirational

American Idol Winner Jordin Sparks was invited to Clive Davis’s Grammy Gala on Saturday.

Sparks says that she is incredibly thankful that her record No Air was nominated, and it was a dream come true to have on of her first songs nominated.

She says that her peers are inspiration; she goes on to say that even people like Miley Cyrus and Justin Beiber are incredible talents. Sparks went on to say that Cyrus is awesome.

Sparks says she will be working on her third studio album on Valentine’s Day. The album is yet to be titled and does not have a release date.

Kelly Rowland Loves Eminem

Former Destiny’s Child member Kelly Rowland took a break from working on her still untitled third studio album to walk the red carpet on the Clive Davis’s Grammy Gala. She is working with David Guetta on the new album.

Rowland says that she is most excited to see Eminem at Sunday’s Grammy Ceremony because he has been “to there and back.”

What do You Think? Who Are You Excited To See?

Miley Cyrus Struts the Red Carpet

Miley Cyrus just walked past the E! booth at Clive Davis’s pre-Grammy Gala.

She will be Hosting SNL on March 5th!

Janelle Monae Promts Coexistion

Rising R&B singer and Grammy Performer Janelle Monae gave her views on politics at Clive Davis’s Grammy Gala.

Monae says:

I hope that we can all just get along and coexist. I will try to do whatever I can to have coexistion.

Can’t help but agree!

Janelle Monae is featured on B.o.B.’s album The Adventures of Bobby Ray out now.

Clive Davis has called Janelle Monae as the Best New Artist; which is an incredible honor for her.

Taboo – “When I See My Family I Get Humbled”

Black Eyed Peas’ member Taboo spoke with E! at the Clive Davis Pre-Grammy Gala. When asked about how he is humbled after performing in front of 111 million people at the Super Bowl how does he become humbled, Taboo says that just being near his wife and his son creates a humbling experience.

Taboo spoke out for another Super Bowl performance. He said of Christina Aguilera’s err in the Star Spangled Banner”

It proves that she is human. Everyone makes mistakes.

Taboo recently released his memoirs and it is available in both print and eBook.