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March 2011 – The Biggest Music Month Ever

Next month anticipate dozens of releases from all of your favorite artists. Many labels have stragetgically planned their album’s releases on the same days as others to encourage sales. Don’t be surprised if you stop by your local record store more than once next month. In order to make things easier we have your calendar for the biggest releases next moth.

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Brooke White Rings Closing NASDAQ Bell

American Idol alumnus Brooke White rang the closing bell at the NASDAQ Marketsite in Times Square.
The adult contemporary singer is starring in a television movie entitled Change of Plans which airs on Fox tonight (Jan. 8) at 8 p.m.

What do you think, are you tuning in for Change of Plans?

Crystal Bowersox Eclipses Lee DeWyze, Passes 100k

According to this week’s sales figures American Idol runner-up Crystal Bowersox has eclipsed winner Lee DeWyze in album sales this week. Crystal released her debut Farmer’s Daughter on Dec. 14, while DeWyze released Live it Up on Nov. 16. Ouch!

Crystal outsold Lee in their intial frame on the chart selling 58k and 19k respectively. Lee’s on the other hand debuted at a higher position, #19; Crystal debuted at #28.

This week Crystal’s cumlitave sales reach 104k surpassing Lee’s total of 102k. Do not get too excited though. Last year’s runner-up Adam Lambert sold 198k in his first week on the charts. It looks as though Idol will really need to produce a superstar this year in order to stay relevant.

What do you think? Did you buy Crystal’s album or Lee’s?

Elliott Yamin to Release Japanese Only Album


American Idol’s season 5 second runner-up Elliot Yamin is preparing the release of his new album “Gather Round” which is set to be released exclusively in Japan January 22.
Yamin will fly out to the island-nation early next month to promote the album for which he has already shot a music video.
Yamin has stated he plans to release the album in the United States, but it will be released with a different track listing than the Japanese version.
What do you think? Are you excited for “Gather Round”

Pepsi to sponsor X Factor

One of the most iconic aspects of American Idol are sitting on the judges table, the Coca-cola glasses. So, when X Factor comes to America Coke assumed that they were a shoe-in for the sponsorship deal. BUT it was released that Pepsi will be the soft drink provider for the FOX Reality Show.

What do you think? Coke or Pepsi?

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