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March 2011 – The Biggest Music Month Ever

Next month anticipate dozens of releases from all of your favorite artists. Many labels have stragetgically planned their album’s releases on the same days as others to encourage sales. Don’t be surprised if you stop by your local record store more than once next month. In order to make things easier we have your calendar for the biggest releases next moth.

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Source Confirms Rihanna and Matt Kemp Spilt


After nearly a year together Pop-Superstar Rihanna and LA Doger Matt Kemp have called it quits.
A source confirms that the break-up happened over a period of time.
The pair confirmed their relationship in Elle magazine earlier this year. In February Kemp through a birthday party for Rihanna, their stepping-out moment.
Since then Rihanna has embarked on her Last Girl on Earth tour with Ke$ha and released her fifth studio album “Loud”.
The relationship was monumental as it was Rihanna’s first since her abusive debacle with Chris Brown.
Why do you think Rihanna and Matt broke up?